Our 2022 Opening Date is 2nd April!

The online booking system is now active and we are taking bookings for the Aquapark, paddle boarding, kayaking, pedaloes and open water swimming from this date through to 30/10/22.

Book online only - sessions can fill up quickly!

Paddle boarding and kayaking sessions can be arranged prior to this date by contacting the park direct to arrange a suitable session time.

We’re Growing Again!

We are excited to announce that here at one of the UK’s biggest Aquaparks the facility is being extended yet again by becoming even bigger by another 25% and have some of the best possible, fantastic new Aquaglide equipment on its way to Mablethorpe new for 2022!

The main features arriving will include the Thunderdome, Universal Icecap and Universal Archway! So if its the best fun ever you want, look no further!

Remember it’s book online only and please book early to avoid missing out!

Situated within the Vibrant Surroundings of Grange Leisure Park in Mablethorpe.

Activities at Lincolnshire Aquapark (Mablethorpe):


Experience fun and challenging water-sport activities. Climb inside of a giant cyclone spinning wheel, brave the metre-high Jungle Joe or tackle a total Wipeout course and more.

Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is the No1 fastest growing UK participant sport, Lincolnshire Aquapark offers instructor sessions, self launch and board hire.


We have top of the range Fat Yak Kayaks available for hire at Lincolnshire Aquapark and can also offer instructor sessions for beginners to get acquainted with Kayaking.

For Under 5's

Under 5’s need no longer miss out, look at what we’ve got for you, whilst the others are on the Aquapark? Adult supervision required.

MAJOR Equipment Additions now at Lincolnshire Aquapark in Mablethorpe!

If you Want Laughs, Giggles and the Best Hour of Fun Ever, You’ve Just Found the Perfect Place!

80 x 25m Family-Friendly Aquapark. Suitable for 5-65 age Groups.

Our Aquapark, located in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, is comprised of many fun & challenging features to overcome with friends and family: 

Eight trampolines, two slides, inflatable climbing walls, balance beams, mega cyclone spinning hamster wheel to climb inside of, the park’s marquee feature and the colossal 5 metre high Jungle Joe.

Children 5-8 years must be accompanied on the Aquapark itself by an adult.

Open Water Swimming

We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch and open water swimming is not the fastest growing UK participant sport available to young and old for nothing you know!

Looking for a
Private Hire?

We are offering family private hire packages at great prices.

Safety First!

– We will be operating at a significantly reduced capacity for all water sports activities due to Covid19, therefore there will be much fewer sessions available
– As such its book online only and we advise you to book early, as this will guarantee your places, providing the session is not already full. 
– Social distancing will be in place during the checking in process and throughout your Lincolnshire Aquapark/water sports experience 
– There are very limited changing facilities. Please come beach ready. There is an outside shower available.
– Please arrive beach ready in your shorts or bikini/swimsuit ready to put your wetsuit over the top of
– Very limited Covid-19-compliant outdoor changing will be available. Therefore, we advise you to arrive already changed, ready to take part, excluding the safety equipment we will issue you with. Be prepared to use towels to change if necessary.
– We sell grip socks, which we strongly recommend to help safeguard against Covid19.
– Hand sanitising stations will be located around the facility, which you must use
– All of our staff have undergone enhanced Covid-19 training
– Social distancing protocols in place throughout
– Never swim under the aquapark equipment
– Be mindful, as the lake is a natural environment which contains weed, root, silt and possibly other foreign objects. Tread carefully and try to stay away from the edges where it is shallow
– This is the Lincolnshire Aquapark’s safety briefing and user information! It is the responsibility of all guests to adhere to it in full
– Only go down the slides feet first. Never go down head first.
– Anyone behaving in any dangerous manner of any description will be removed from the facility immediately. Given the current circumstances our lifeguards and the emergency services really don’t need to be dealing with an unnecessary accident caused by recklessness!
– We recommend the use of our safety socks and avoid bare feet around the premises 
– We ask you to leave your used rental safety equipment in the disinfected water following your experience in order for our staff to complete the equipment disinfection process
– Don’t enter the Aquapark or surrounding facilities if you, or any of your family has had, or knowingly come in to contact, with anyone with Covid19 in the last two months. 
– Be sure to complete your safety waiver after booking online by going to Our Waiver page before arriving at the aquapark, otherwise your booking will be refused without a refund.

The Managing Director

Possessing a combined twenty-four years of C.E.O. and Watersports Leisure Management experience. Richard originated Lincolnshire Aquapark Ltd in early 2017 to provide a much needed water sports facility to the Mablethorpe area of the Lincolnshire coast.

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