Covid 19 Update

Hi all,

This really wasn’t the post I was expecting to scribe on the run up to the 2020 season, especially with regards to all the planned new additions which really aren’t important anymore!

However, the postponement of our 9th May opening clearly has to happen and we will update further if and when based upon government advice and instructions going forward!

In the meantime everyone please stay safe and don’t, for one minute, underestimate or be flippant regarding the crisis (overused word but not in this case) facing our country and the world!

Lincolnshire Aquapark, going into our fourth season, has built up a fantastic community of friends (a family of our own one might say) during this period and want “everyone” to be in a position to return!

Please all pull together, give the elderly and most vulnerable in our communities (sorry I’m sounding like a politician) all the help they require! Even if it’s just a quick “hi, are you ok, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with anything, it’s not a problem” type of conversation will be a fantastic tonic! I know because I’ve seen the reactions I get to even the shortest of chats! Imagine enjoying a well earned retirement then finding out you’re in an at risk group to this virus? Let’s help them though it!

Local help/ support groups throughout Lincolnshire and beyond are well publicised on Facebook, join one or visit your local community centre for information! Once this situation has passed we will all be judged on what we did or didn’t do during this period of uncertainty and one way or the other it won’t be forgotten!

Lincolnshire Aquapark: on the Edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. At the Heart of the Lincolnshire Coast.

Experience fun and challenging water-sport activities. Climb inside of a giant cyclone spinning wheel, brave the metre-high Jungle Joe or tackle a total Wipeout course and more.

Visiting the Mablethorpe Seaside for a Touch of Nostalgia?

Why not combine a day out at the seaside with a whole load of fun? Come and join us at Lincolnshire Aquapark situated on the Grange Leisure Park in Mablethorpe and spend your 2020 holiday cooling off at the Lincolnshire coast’s ultimate, family-friendly leisure experience.

Family-Friendly. Suitable for 5-65 age Groups.

Our Aquapark, located in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, is comprised of many fun & challenging features to overcome with friends and family: 

Eight trampolines, two slides, inflatable climbing walls, balance beams, blast bag to catapult people up to 4 meters high, mega cyclone spinning hamster wheel to climb inside of, the park’s marquee feature and the colossal 5 metre high Jungle Joe.

Children 5-8 years must be accompanied on the Aquapark itself by an adult.

Lincolnshire Aquapark and all of the Grange Leisure Park facilities reopens to the public in 2020. Date TBC.

Exclusive Private Hire

We are offering exceptionally competitive private hire packages. With a 40 person capacity the sessions are ideal for birthday parties, team building events or just a family and friends get together.
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Are you a Lincolnshire local? If so, you can become a member and get a £5 discount off each session or purchase our Membership Pass to use the aquapark as many times as you like in 2020.
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The Managing Director

Possessing a combined twenty-four years of C.E.O. and Watersports Leisure Management experience. Richard originated Lincolnshire Aquapark Ltd in early 2017 to provide a much needed water sports facility to the Mablethorpe area of the Lincolnshire coast. Read More >

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