Safety Rules

(These rules are mandatory please don’t ask us to bend them)

– All participants must be 5 years or over and above 1.1m in height
– Parents must accompany children between 5- 8 years on the equipment and do so on a 1 adult to 3 children ratio
– All participants must be able to swim 50 meters  
– We operate a comerade system here so work as a team and help each other onto the equipment if neccessarry.
– In participating in a water sports activity there is an inherrent danger and risk of injury please be mindful of this and risk of injury to others. Conduct yourself in a sensible and responsible manner at all times when using the Aquapark and associated facilities.
– Participants are told to and must hold the handles on the side of the Jungle joe at all times when climbing or standing on the side of this piece of equipment
– Don’t use the Aquapark if you have a pre existing heart condition, joint problem, dislocation are pregnant or have any relevant medical reason which may lead to you making an existing condition or injury worse.  
– Please make the Aquapark staff aware if you have any medical conditions, disabilities or open water confidence issues before the session has started.
– Any accidents that occur on the Aquapark or surrounding areas must be immediatley brought to the attention of the Aquapark staff so we can treat and document accordingly.  
– No trainers or hard soled shoes of any description are allowed on the Equipment. We sell grip socks should you require them.
– When jumping into the water ensure the area is clear of people so you dont land on anyone.
– Do not jump from the top of the Jungle Joe (pyramid feature) only jump from the third rung down (yellow writing).
– Do not climb up the front of the jungle Joe as there are no handles always climb up the back using the handles ensuring you never leave go to avoid falling from height.
– Never jump onto the blast bag if there is nobody on it.
– Never swim in the blast area when people are using it and please leave this area immediatley if you get blasted.
– Has everybody completed the waiver? If not please let us know now?
– NEVER EVER swim under the Aquapark obstacles. Your life jacket will push you up against the underneath of the equipment making escape from this situation very difficult! Do not do this under any circumstances!
– Don’t swim in the water in between the rectangular area where the hampster wheel / cyclone is situated. Get in the wheel but not the water.
– Anyone under the influence drugs or alchohol is not permitted to use the Aquapark.
– In participating in a water sports activity there is an inherrent danger of risk and injury. Be mindful of this and of the risk of injury to others. Conduct yourself in a sensible and responsible manner at all times whilst using the Aquapark and asssociated facilities.
– No diving into the lake whatsoever. There are shallow areas of the lake particurlarly down either side and diving into them would be the equivalent of diving into a solid wall.
– Remove anything sharp and all personal items such as rings, watches and jewellrey which could damage the inflatables permenently.
– It is compulsory that you wear the helmet and bouyancy aid provided. Do not remove either for any reason as this lake is 2.9m deep in some areas.
– Only enter/ exit the lake via the entry point you are about to be directed too.
– Be aware the lake is a natural environment and contains weed, root, silt etc. Always tread carefully.
– Be mindful you are entering a lake which is not heated as a pool would be. As such we strongly advise you to wear your wetsuit or hire one from us to safeguard against the cold and associated elements of  a lake.
– You have just listened to Lincolnshire Aquapark’s safety brief it is your responsibility to ensure that you adhere to it in full.
– Staff direct participants to lake entry point


I understand and have read all of the safety rules on the Lincolnshire Aquapark website and will be fully compliant with all.

Your safety matters to us

* All of our lifeguards are trained to British national standards
* All of our lifeguards are trained by a Qualified Royal life saving society trainer assessor
* All of our lifeguards receive regular ongoing lifeguard training
* We operate a child welfare policy