1: I understand and accept that:

In participating in water sports activities that there is an element of danger and risk of injury to myself, which I undertake at my own risk; and in participating in water sports activities that there is an element of danger and risk of injury to others and consequently undertake to use the Lincolnshire Aqua Park’s equipment and facilities (the “Facilities”) and to conduct myself while on the Company’s premises in a sensible and responsible manner and in compliance with all notices, instructions and directions as published or displayed from time to time and in compliance with any instruction given to me by any authorized person in the Lincolnshire Aqua Park’s employment or control (an “Authorized Person”). I have read and acknowledge that conduct of the type set out in Section 3 below would amount to a breach of this paragraph.

2: I confirm that:

I will not use Lincolnshire Aquapark without completing and understanding a first timer’s training session; and / or meeting the ‘Minimum Standard’ (as defined in Section 3 below);

I am in good state of health and free from any injury, medical condition, disease or illness which may be aggravated by participating in water sport activities or which may make it unsuitable for me to participate in such activities; and I will not use the Lincolnshire Aqua Park’s Facilities while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

3: The minimum standard for Lincolnshire Aqua Park use without qualified instruction is as follows:

(a) The ability to swim 50m unassisted
(b) Be 5 years or older and be over 1.22 metres in height
(c) Participants aged between 5 to 10 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult known to them who will stay with them whilst on the Aquapark equipment at all times”

4:The following basic safety rules are drawn to the User’s attention and in entering into this agreement the User agrees not to breach the same with regard to the Lincolnshire Aqua Park:

All Users MUST:

(a) Not swim under the Aquapark equipment
(b) Not access the Aquapark with any objects other than the helmet and buoyancy aid provided
(c) Not jump from the top of the Jungle Joe or climbing wall
(d) Ensure others or objects are not in the water before you jump in
(e) Not jump from trampoline, Jungle Joe, or Climbing Wall onto other objects
(f) Not use the Facilities in a manner which might endanger other persons.
(g) Not DIVE IN – anyone diving in will be expelled from the Aquapark.
(h) Not perform any back flips or spinning motion from the equipment of any description

By booking into this session I am fully aware that there will be people using the Aquapark and its surrounding areas who will be taking photographs. I hereby give consent to photos being taken of myself and the people within my party including children and accept that this is a condition of using Lincolnshire Aquapark.